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Earrings/Ear Piercings/Studs/Expander Rings, etc

Hi all, 


What can anyone tell me about the effects (either + or -) on general overall body health, as it relates to multiple ear piercings?  Some people stick with a single discrete stud through their earlobe, but we also see those who have multiple rings along the helix, multiple studs and even giant expander rings through the earlobes...

If needles can create some type of physical efffec, wouldn't piercings do the same thing?

Are the meridians permanently damaged?

anaphylactic reactions

I am a practicing medical oncologist. I have been trained in TCM and medical acupuncture. Today I had an interesting experience in the clinic which I would like to share with my TCM colleagues.

An 89 year old man with multiple myeloma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia was given a second dose of intravenous immunoglobulin to treat his immune deficiency ( hypogammaglobulinemia). The first infusion was given in February without incident. He was premedicated only with Benadryl prior to today's infusion.

Finding the tranquilizer point

This auricular chart on your site shows a tranquilizer point but I'm a bit confused about where to locate it on the ear. Is it on the outer side of the lower tragus?

I'm planning on using this point in conjunction with insomnia point 1, to counteract insomnia caused by ADHD medication (dexedrine). Are there any additional points I should use for this? I believe an excess of adrenaline and noradrenaline are partly responsible for the insomnia, so maybe the endocrine point would help.

Formula to help to stop smoking

Hi Chad,

I have 2 questions about how to stop smoking. First in the article about using ear electroacupuncture I am little bit confuse when its mention red cable and black , which one go where?

Which electro machine you used?

Second question which formula you used to help stop smoking.



white discharge, required auricular points

her body is lean & she is a student age around 14 to 16 she has no compline regarding pain while periods time.

Blunt trauma to the head

my dear friend got in a critical bike accident friday night and landed on his face, fracturing it in 22 places, including the pallet, nose and jaw, knocking out 3 teeth and shattering others. He had a 10 hr surgery yesterday and will remain in the hospital for at least a week. I would appreciate advice for auricular points (press balls) to address the blunt trauma. Thank you.

Smell of Burnt


I have a patient that tells me he smells burnt for the past 6 months. I cannot smell it on him, he smells it inside his sinuses.

Here is some more background information:

ear acupuncture for candida , chronic fatigue

i would like to know the best  EAR acupuncture points to treat candida , adrenal exhaustion and chronic fatigue , also if there is a good website with ear acupuncture treatment protocols... rachel pereira

Chronic Infections

My client has presented with: mastitis, five throat infections including strepp throat & tonsilittis, flu, sinusitis, conjuctivitis and viral menengitis - all within the last nine months. All of these infections occured within 3-4 weeks of her giving birth to her first child. She is also low in Vit D, Vit K and iron. I suspect she picked up a bug in the hospital which is travelling around her system. Does anyone have any ideas?



How much of an effect do piercings have on the energetic systems of the body, and do they interfere/affect auricular treatments?

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