Self Help for Weak Kidney Chi

Opening the earth vortex (the chakra at the bottom of the feet) and clearing the ming-men point (taught in Donna Eden's Ehergy Medicine for Wowmen class) helps kidney qi flow. To open the vortex while standing picture a slowly rotating disc below the feet. If working on a partner stand or sit some distance back from the feet while they lie on a table (or the floor) on their back. Rotate the hands counter-clockwise, activating the earth vortex.

To clear Ming-Men massage the point, then pull along all the radii to open it. Then draw the energy up and over the pelvic bone and down and off the feet. Repeat several times.

Then work the sacrum, bending forward and back and then circling the coccyx in small circles, keeping the hips and shoulders steady.

Working with a partner, you can also stand at the feet and pump them, moving the feet at the ankles. This opens the Bubbling Spring (K1).

The following procedure, called Kidney acuflush, helps restore kidney chi..

1st sedate kidney (Hold K1 & L1).

2nd Strengthen kidney (Hold Lung & Kidney Source points

3rd Massage Kidney neurolymphaticreflex points– shoulder ball joint, arm from shoulder to elbow, and the pelvic bone ½ way between waist and groin

4th lightly massage neurovascular reflex points on the head

5th a light pinch to St 1-2 on the cheeks

6th hold spleen & kidney control cycle points

And because Kidney is closely associated with adrenals and fear, balance triple warmer/spleen and massage the adrenal points (two finger widths above the navel and two finger widths to either side of it). You need to go deep. It will likely be tender.

Spleen is on the control cycle for kidney, so make sure spleen is in balance. You can massage the spleen neurolymphatic reflex points under the breasts, and tap the spleen meridian at the side seams of the body.

Since Metal feeds Water, and further, Large Intestine is active at the opposite time on the meridian clock, make sure that the Ileoceocal and Houston valves are closing (draw the hands up from the groin to the waist along the inside of the pelvic bone 3 times and shake them off) and massage the large intestine neurolymphatics (base of the spine and outside of the legs from hip to knee).

This routine should/could be repeated once or twice daily for best resutls.

Much of this information is drawn from Donna Eden's Energy Medicine. I highly recommend her book by that name.

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