Can Acupuncture Help with a Cold?

Yes. Acupuncture is considered by the World Health Organization to be an effective treatment for the common cold. It can help the body to recover quickly by boosting the immune system and helping the body to release the pathogen.

Treatment for a cold may include the insertion of acupuncture needles at specific points. In addition, moxibustion, a form of heat therapy, may be used over some points depending on the symptoms of the illness. Ideally, two to three treatments should be administered two to three days apart, but even a single treatment can be worthwhile. If you are already coming in for other health concerns, your acupuncturist can often continue with your normal course of treatment while also addressing the symptoms of your cold.

The World Health Organization also considers acupuncture an effective therapy for other respiratory conditions, such as asthma, bronchitis, allergic rhinitis (including hay fever), sinusitis, and sore throat (including tonsillitis).

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