I have an indented line down my toungue I have heard that is a sign of a deficiency. Anyone know anything about this?


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The majority of the tongue

The majority of the tongue indications are found within my tongue diagnosis article. A line down the center of the tongue that doesn't extend to the tip often indicates Spleen Qi Deficiency. Although a line closer to the front of the tongue can indicate a lung issue and if it goes to the tip, possibly an issue with the heart meridian.

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Diagnose My tongue

 As you can see i have a crease or crack formed down the center, minor swellings on the side two red marks, near the back, and a white mucus forming near the back..

what does this mean in laymans, and what can i do to fix this. example. drink more ginger tea?

eliminate Dairy?

 Thank YouDiagnose my tongue 



 Your Diagnosis 


SP Qi Deficiency

  • General Signs & Symptoms:
    Poor appetite, distention after eating, weakness of the four limbs, fatigue, loose stools
  • Tongue:
    Pale, swollen w/teethmarks
  • Pulse:
  • General Treatment Points:
  • Maciocia Treatment Points w/Valaskatagis commentary, modifications and additions
  • CV 12 - ST Mu, distention after eating
  • ST 36 - tonify ST/SP
  • SP 6 - tonify SP Qi
  • SP 3 - best with dampness in the channels, could leave this out
  • UB 20 - SP Shu
  • UB 21 - ST Shu


Briefly, it's bit pale with a deep'ish crack in the stomach/spleen area and some peeling near the back.  On it's own it shows some mild spleen qi deficiency and possible some damage to the yin/fluids in the body from using too many stimulates to compensate for the qi deficiency-----------


I was told by another doctor it was a bit red, lol.. so maybe my i-sight cam makes it look pale, and the dimly lit acupuncturist office makes it look red

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The article referenced above

The article referenced above is in laymans terms so you should start be reading that.  Then you should see a practitioner in your area for treatment - the tongue is only one of many diagnostic factors when forming a diagnosis and should not be used as the sole determinate in treatment.  Briefly, it's bit pale with a deep'ish crack in the stomach/spleen area and some peeling near the back.  On it's own it shows some mild spleen qi deficiency and possible some damage to the yin/fluids in the body from using too many stimulates to compensate for the qi deficiency (like Ginger tea)...


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I am unemployed and have no

I am unemployed and have no insurance. So not an option. Any longer

i had an expensive bill for an acupuncturist that told me chicken was a neutral food property, told me that i had too much heat, and told me to drink ginger tea.

The only thing he did was look at my tongue. and check my pulse "am i missing anything?"

He then told me that my tongue. indicated that i had mucus problems, and said that the tongue was the sole diagnostic factor.

 qi deficiency  why its bad, and i have never drunken ginger tea in my life.

Why should i be worried about mild spleen qi deficiency? What does that mean, what are the effects of this.

damage to the yin/fluids?



So what am i to do?

How do i get rid of the crease

Do you see those red spots?


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 General Treatment Points: Is

 General Treatment Points: Is blank?

So whats the treatment?

Please be precise,

because when you search "What does line down tongue mean?" on google this is the number 1 meta tag, so a'lot of people will be referencing this.

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You don't have to get rid of

You don't have to get rid of the crease, nor do you have to have a "perfect" tongue.  If you have health problems you should consult with a practitioner.  You could describe some of your symptoms/conditions and I could make some recommendations for you dietary and acupressure wise, but from the tongue alone there is little definitive that you can say.  If you don't have any health issues, then don't worry about your tongue....


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Symptoms, Low Energy,


Low Energy, Depression, Weight Gain, No Ambition, Irregular Sleep patterns, Eczema,  Stuffy Nose, Red Spots on back on tongue, crease down tongue.


But nobody's ever really perfect are they?

I would like my tongue to look healthier, no more crease, no more red patches.

I figured i got them after drinking egg nog, a few times, and drinking milk, eating cheese regular.

My diet consists of

Apple Juice,


Flour Wraps, 



I know how i feel reflects what i eat, and my health can vary just with change in diet.

I've had the crease in my tongue for a long time, but my tongue became whiter, and then developed red spots after i ate mostly only dairy.


So i don't really know how symptoms help, but i can tell you what i'm trying to accomplish

.5 a health body/ abs/ muscles/ althletic

1. A healthy tongue

2. A healthy diet

3. a regular schedule

4. no eczema

5. Weight loss of until i am around the 165 lbs  range. i am currently around 203 lbs.

I have recently gained around 58lbs after i stopped taking adderyl, and prozac
I tried to exercise to combat the gain at first, but it caused me to eat more, afterwards and increase my diet.

6. Energy to maintain regular exercise, get up each morning, no depression, mental clarity, no anxiety, comfort in body.



Right now i am not eating for 3 days, and drinking only water/ apple juice/ apples

drinking lemon tea, and trying rid my body of all the mucus from a diet high in cheese and dairy

 When i am hungry i crave meats, and cheese, and carbs, and if i do not eat those things then i am always hungry, so i am going to remove all of those things from my diet.


When i do not eat for a few hours, my head starts to feel weird, generally the top of my head, center/ sides of my brain,  no a pain but a sensation, that feels very irritating,  and causes me to be very irritable.

Also pains in my stomach often, and un-ability to get comfortable, can't fall alseep because cannot get comfortable, also when lying down i have trouble breathing, i feel like i am gasping for air suddenly, or become aware of my breathing and taking deep unsatisfying breaths, my nose becomes completely blocked, and i cannot breath out of it. It is very dry inside my nose. 


Ideas thoughts suggestions, lol wow after this your probably going to be considered a psychiatrist.

Thank You for listening

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Weight loss comes down to one

Weight loss comes down to one simple variable - calories in vs. calories out.  If people regularly consume more calories than they put out - they gain weight.  If they do less - they lose weight.  The only caveat is if they eat too little they will not lose weight as the body holds on to the fat because it gets "scared" that it will not have enough energy.  So starvation diets do not work - but the right combination of diet and exercise does.  On the mood front as well exercise is crucial - a 20 minute brisk walk/light jog every day creates similar changes in brain chemistry as any of the depression medications.


It's normal to gain some weight after quitting your medications but it should only be temporary (~3 months) and it's also normal to have an appetite increase with exercise.  So long as you have a ballpark idea of how many calories you are eating, an increase may be appropriate in relation to how much exercise you are doing.  It's good for you to not eat dairy and you should slowly move to a whole foods diet - meat is ok, but it should consumed in fairly small amounts.  You can read the following article to get you started:

"Eat Like A Human" Diet

In the absence of seeing a practitioner - I can only give you some pointers but you'll have to do your own research (there is plenty of information on the site if you look for it).  I would start with the following:

Our Chinese Medicine Treatment of Depression section (the entire section)

Acupressure is not as strong or effective for depression and related symptoms as acupuncture is, so you should find a practitioner.  Most don't take insurance, so not having it is not an issue and many offer community acupuncture clinics on sliding scales, or have treatments in $40-$60/range.  But using acupressure daily on SP 6, LV 3, ST 36, PC 6, and HT 7 may be helpful.

Other useful tools - meditation, moxibustion on st 36 particularly, qi gong (our da peng gong and tai chi dao yin forms are relatively easy to learn and effective).

Herbal formulas which could be helpful if (but it is best if you see someone first in person) would be Gan Mai Da Zao Wan, CZ Herbal Formula, Energy Enhancer Formula, or Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan.