What has anyone found helpful in treating teeth that have been suggested to need a "root canal?" Are there any strategies to enable healing? I have been using Olive Leaf. Tea tree oil and herbs to treat the Limbic system..Any other ideas?? Also using -ST3 and ST5-6. Ear for tooth


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to stop teeth pain, the

to stop teeth pain, the points are: Sj5, Gb20, Li4, St6, 7. If wind heat, add Ub12, Du14, Li11, Lu1, If stomach fire, add St44, Lv2,3, If Kd yin deficiency, add Kd3,2,5. medicine is "Ya Tong Ling Pian".

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The acupuncture only can

The acupuncture only can temporal stop teeth pain, it can not instead of dental doctor's treatment.

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Thanks! I still have my tooth but it not toatally healed YET. Using Olive Leaf on & off w/ Goldenseal. NO ROOT CANAL ^_^