pulmonary hypertension

An overseas friend of mine suffers from pulmonary hypertension and asked me for some information and or advice. There where he lives are some TCM practitioners around but he doesn’t feel comfortable yet with their expertise/approach and just want some confirmation of their findings. Can anybody tell me what possible syndromes there might be involved with this disease and subsequently what herbs (formula) and which acupuncture points to use?



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If he has COPD+Hypertension,

If he has COPD+Hypertension, he should go to hospital see a M.D., the TCM only can sideway help the begining condition's treatment, Points: Sp6, Lv3, St36,40, Sp9, Sp3, Ding Chuan, Ub13,18, 20, 23, 43, Lu9, Ren6,17, Pc6. It is very difficult to give a pill formula.  I suggest he go see M.D. immediatly.

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It would be difficult to

It would be difficult to truly give a concise diagnosis with a patient for whom we have no diagnostic information whatsoever.  If you want to describe what his TCM practitioners came up with and why you doubt that diagnosis/approach that might be something we can work with.  Pulmonary hypertension has so many causes from autoimmune conditions (often yin deficiency) to hiv to more standard lifestyle causes (often sp weakness and dampness) that it would be difficult to offer much.  That said if you read our acupuncture for hypertension page and perhaps our acupuncture for asthma page you will get a reasonable idea of how we might approach it.  And I agree with Feng, herbal medicines without a very clear diagnosis would be a bad idea....