Natural and Alternative Knee Pain Treatment Options

Knee Pain Treatment {introduction}

Knee pain can be the result of several factors, including injury, disease or the gradual wearing down of the joint. It can occur in the joint itself, the tendons that cushion the joint or any of the numerous supporting muscles and tissues. The disease most commonly associated with knee and joint pain is arthritis. A type of rheumatic disease, arthritis causes stiffness and pain in the joints, and may be accompanied by inflammation, redness and swelling. Other common causes of knee pain include tendinitis (inflammation of a tendon in the joint), a torn meniscus or ligament, and sprain.
Below you will find alternative and natural treatment options including those from a Chinese Medicine perspective for Knee Pain.

TCM Diagnostic Patterns Related to Knee Pain

Listed below are Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnostic patterns that are commonly involved with this western medical condition/symptom. Properly applied, Chinese Medicine (including acupuncture and herbal medicine) treats patterns not individual symptoms/conditions which may better account for the range of symptoms often experienced by individuals. Pattern diagnosis/treatment is a crucial part of using Chinese Medicine for disease prevention instead of focusing on solely symptomatic treatments as is somewhat more common in western medicine. For more on this concept, please read What Does Acupuncture Treat? Or Treating the "Cause" and not the "Symptoms".

There are no tcm differential pattern diagnoses listed for this pattern at this time.

Herbal Formulas for Knee Pain Available From Our Store

Herbal Formulas

You may click on any of the products below for more information, or view all formulas listed by condition.

Peony & Licorice Teapills - Muscle Cramps, Muscle Spasms, Pain Herbal Formula
Peony & Licorice Teapills - Muscle Cramps, Muscle Spasms, Pain Herbal Formula

Uses: Muscle Spasms, Muscle Cramps, Pain. Peony & Licorice Teapills (Shao Yao Gan Cao Wan)is a traditional Chinese formula that softens the Liver, benefits yin, eases cramps and stops pain. This Chinese medicine is...

Xi Guan Jie Bi Tong Pian - Knee pain, Joint pain, Numbness Herbal Formula
Xi Guan Jie Xiao Tong Pian - Knee pain, Joint pain, Numbness Herbal Formula

Uses: Knee Pain, Joint Pain, Numbness. Xi Guan Jie Bi Tong Wan/Pian (knee joint pain relief pills) is a modern patent formula used for kidney and liver qi deficiency with internal wind .  Symptoms may include...

Acupuncture Treatment Protocols

Listed below are articles describing related TCM diagnoses and acupuncture treatment points. These generally require an understanding of basic TCM Theory, however, general readers may find the protocols illustrative of how Chinese Medicine views and treats this condition.

There are no treatment protocols listed for this condition at this time.

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Knee Pain related articles

Below are articles related to this condition submitted by our practitioner members. See our practitioner member section for all articles.

  • Chad Dupuis's picture
    Contributor ~ Chad Dupuis
    Submitted On Tue, 01/24/2012 - 10:34am

    Glucosamine Hydrochloride (HCL) is often recommended for the management of joint pain by many western and alternative practitioners from various disciplines.  Glucosamine has shown somewhat mixed results clinically and within studies but is generally considered safe and at least somewhat effective.

  • Chad Dupuis's picture
    Contributor ~ Chad Dupuis
    Submitted On Tue, 01/24/2012 - 10:11am

    Chinese Medicine properly applied involves a range of techniques including acupuncture, herbal medicine, tuina massage, cupping, moxibustion, etc..  Used together these tools are used to treat a range of pain related conditions including osteo and rheumatoid arthritis.  Moxibustion (see What is Moxibustion?) is a technique that can be used both within a clinical setting but is often prescribed as a home treatment that is relatively easy to perform once the patient is shown which points to use and the general technique.  The
    Read Article

  • Chad Dupuis's picture
    Contributor ~ Chad Dupuis
    Submitted On Tue, 10/25/2011 - 9:27am

    Acupuncture and associated Chinese Medicine treatments such as herbal medicine, tuina massage, and medical qi gong, has been shown to aid a wide range of pain related cases.  With arthritis there are two parts of treatment, one being a local part to locally reduce inflammation and pain and increase mobility and the other part is secondary to help control the contributions of the body towards developing arthritis (i.e.

  • Judith Poole's picture
    Contributor ~ Judith Poole
    Submitted On Sat, 10/30/2010 - 11:13am

          Here’s an example of a practical application of Eden Energy Medicine to resolve knee pain.

Forum posts related to Knee Pain

Listed below are forum posts related to this condition. You can click on the posts to submit comments. If you would like to submit a forum post/question related to this condition, please click to submit. For all recent activity see our forum.

  • AlvaroCastro's picture
    Submitted On Fri, 05/09/2014 - 9:33am
    Contributor ~ AlvaroCastro

    Hi, a year ago my wife an accident he suffered a back injury, shoulder, arm and also talk about a pinched nerve. I can not raise my right arm above my head. My wife is in therapy. What advice can I recommend to me. thanks

    Comments on this post (1)

  • Peter5150's picture
    Submitted On Thu, 04/11/2013 - 1:46am
    Contributor ~ Peter5150

    Hi ...had a question in acupuncture class that I didn't quite understand the answer to.  I am going to ask my instructor when I get a chance, but I'm positive lots of people here will understand this and explain it easily.

    Comments on this post (1)

  • Blood Ranye's picture
    Submitted On Fri, 01/11/2013 - 1:11am
    Contributor ~ Blood Ranye

    My friend has been having problems with her ligaments in her left knee. Is there any acupressure point I can learn to help her? She may have to get surgery for the second time. Keep in mind I am only 14, and she is about 2 years older than me....

    Comments on this post (3)

  • miguelín's picture
    Submitted On Fri, 04/13/2012 - 3:21pm
    Contributor ~ miguelín

    hi all.

    i was looking for a treatment protocol for general knee problems but could not find one in the conditions section. i consulted the arthritis treatment protocol which i figure is at least partially applicable, but still: do you...

    Comments on this post (4)

  • Volesky's picture
    Submitted On Wed, 10/19/2011 - 2:29pm
    Contributor ~ Volesky

    Hey guys, I am looking for any experience or suggestions on treating patellar dislocation. I have treated once before with decent results, but I would still appreciate some help on this. Otherwise, I use points in the quadriceps with Pai Ci from...

    Comments on this post (1)

  • lynchun's picture
    Submitted On Tue, 05/17/2011 - 9:32am
    Contributor ~ lynchun

    Hi All,

    i stumbled across this forum and hoped that it is a good place to consult some practitioners or knowledgable people for a condition or complex of conditions that I have been trying to treat in myself with the help of various...

    Comments on this post (7)

  • sejhali's picture
    Submitted On Sun, 03/13/2011 - 4:36pm
    Contributor ~ sejhali

    Hello everyone

    I have a problem with my knee, two times I went to remove the water from the knee. I was a little better, but not like before. I would be glad, if you write for me the point to be used for the treatment . So, I would...

    Comments on this post (2)

  • miguelín's picture
    Submitted On Sun, 01/02/2011 - 8:02pm
    Contributor ~ miguelín



    can anybody recommend a set of points that I can treat to overcome patella problems due to overcharge?

    Thanks for your help!



    Comments on this post (2)

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