Natural and Alternative Brain Cancer Treatment Options

Brain Cancer Treatment {introduction}

Brain cancer occurs when abnormal cells form in the tissue of the brain, and amass to form a tumor. There are several types of brain tumors, each arising from different types of cells in the brain and affecting different age groups. Depending on the location of a brain tumor, symptoms can vary. However, common signs of a brain tumor include headache, memory problems, muscle contractions or convulsions, nausea and vomiting, difficulty concentrating, personality or mood changes, balance issues, numbness in the limbs, and changes in vision, hearing and/or speech.

Below you will find alternative and natural treatment options including those from a Chinese Medicine perspective for Brain Cancer.

TCM Diagnostic Patterns Related to Brain Cancer

Listed below are Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnostic patterns that are commonly involved with this western medical condition/symptom. Properly applied, Chinese Medicine (including acupuncture and herbal medicine) treats patterns not individual symptoms/conditions which may better account for the range of symptoms often experienced by individuals. Pattern diagnosis/treatment is a crucial part of using Chinese Medicine for disease prevention instead of focusing on solely symptomatic treatments as is somewhat more common in western medicine. For more on this concept, please read What Does Acupuncture Treat? Or Treating the "Cause" and not the "Symptoms".

There are no tcm differential pattern diagnoses listed for this pattern at this time.

Herbal Formulas for Brain Cancer Available From Our Store

Herbal Formulas

You may click on any of the products below for more information, or view all formulas listed by condition.

Fu Zheng Kang Ai Pian - Cancer Support, Cancer Defense, Immunity Herbal Formula
Fu Zheng Kang Ai Pian - Cancer Support Herbal Formula

Uses: Cancer Support, Cancer Defense, Immune System. Fu Zheng Kang Ai Pian (Fu Zheng Kang Ai Wan, Tumorite™) is a modern Chinese Herbal Formula designed to aid the immune system and the strength...

Kang Zhong Pian - Cancer Tumor Herbal Formula
Kang Zhong Pian - Herbal Formula for Tumors, Cancer Care

Uses: Cancer Tumor, Cancer Care, Immune System. Kang Zhong Pian, literally anti-tumor pills, is a modern patent formula designed to assist in the treatment cancerous tumors.  This...

Acupuncture Treatment Protocols

Listed below are articles describing related TCM diagnoses and acupuncture treatment points. These generally require an understanding of basic TCM Theory, however, general readers may find the protocols illustrative of how Chinese Medicine views and treats this condition.

There are no treatment protocols listed for this condition at this time.

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Submitted Case Studies

There are no case study submissions for this condition at this time.

Brain Cancer related articles

Below are articles related to this condition submitted by our practitioner members. See our practitioner member section for all articles.

Forum posts related to Brain Cancer

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  • rsa2014's picture
    Submitted On Wed, 01/08/2014 - 2:09am
    Contributor ~ rsa2014

    Hi, I am asking this on behalf of a friend. He has been suffering from brain cancer and it has now spread to most parts of the brain. The doctors have stopped treatment. He lives in North Carolina and lives with his wife and two young children....

    Comments on this post (6)

  • panzer's picture
    Submitted On Wed, 10/23/2013 - 11:53am
    Contributor ~ panzer

    HI, I have a client with a stage 4 brain tumour. He is just starting one month of radiation therapy.He is uncertain whether acupuncture is advisable during the treatment.

    I would like to treat him and wondered if you had any advice on...

    Comments on this post (3)

  • adviye's picture
    Submitted On Tue, 03/22/2011 - 2:14pm
    Contributor ~ adviye

    Hi everybody,


    Sometimes cancer patients need acupuncture treatments because of treatment's side effect. I'm worried about using prohibited points while doing acupuncture treatment. I don't know any...

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The Tong Ren Therapy and Tam Healing section for this condition has not yet been submitted.

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    The TCM Theory section for this condition has not yet been submitted.

    Acupuncture Points for Brain Cancer

    Below you will find acupuncture points relevant to this condition. The points listed below are by no means the only relevant points, rather we list empirical or commonly used points as well as those applicable to use with acupressure as a self-help remedy.

    There are no points listed for this condition at this time.

    Professional Practitioner Information

    Below you will find links to technical information largely of interest to professional practitioners.

    TCM Herbs and Formulas for Brain Cancer

    TCM Herbal Formulas for Brain Cancer

    There are no tcm formulas for this condition at this time.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbs for Brain Cancer

    Below you will find Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs relevant to this condition. See our TCM Herbal Database for more details.

    There are no tcm herbs listed for this condition at this time.

    Western Herbs and Brain Cancer Medical Information

    Western herbs for Brain Cancer

    Below you will find Western herbs relevant to this condition. See our Western Herbal Database for more details.

    There are no western herbs listed for this condition at this time.

    Brain Cancer - Western Medicine Information

    At this time no Western Medicine information has been completed for this section.