Hyperthyroidism - Acupuncture Testimonial

  Last year, I was a new patient to acupuncture.  For years I had heard about it and the benefits that go along with it.  Unfortunately, it took me a very long time to get up the courage to give it a try.  You see, I've always had a fear with needles. 
    I was suffering with hyperthyroidism, after the birth of my son.  I was trying to regulate it through nutrition, chiropractic & massage.  I would get small improvements with these, but I hit a plateau & stopped improving.  My MD insisted that I get on medication for it, because my case was so bad & deteriorating quickly.  I did a lot of research into it & wasn't impressed by the poor results of the medication (not to mention I'd have to be on it for life)!  I eventually got down to 94 pounds.  It was very dangerous for me.  I couldn't lift my baby without straining a muscle or raising my heart rate.  I thought I'd fall over every time I had to climb stairs.  My heart typically felt like I could have a heart attack at any moment.  I was told by another doctor if I didn't get this under control soon, I wouldn't be on this earth much longer.
     I finally decided to overcome my "needle" fear and give acupuncture a try.  I was amazed how the needles DIDN'T hurt!  There was an occasional pinch, but not the pain I was expecting.  My first session went very well.  I was also amazed how RELAXING it was.  The benefit & relaxation I experienced from acupuncture was much better than any massage I had ever received (and I have been a patient of massage for 11 years now)!
     Thank God for CHAD!!!  He sat down with me and always took the time to answer any question I had.  He never hesitated to address my concerns.  He also wasn't willing to give up on me!
To make a very long story short, through a tough battle.............and with the continued persistence of acupuncture, nutrition & chiropractic, I no longer have a hyperthyroid problem! 
    Thank you so much Chad for all you've done to help me!  You are so gifted in what you do.  I know you will continue to help more & more and make changes in lives like you did mine!
Dr. C.O.

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